Hey Campers! In this episode, We’re exploring the intricate landscape of copywriting. Joining uis Sophia Dagnon, a seasoned B2B copywriter and digital marketing expert who specializes in social media and copywriting. Sophia is far from your typical copywriter—she’s an expert in creating content that not only speaks to its audience but also prompts them to take action. As the leader of customer insights at Copy and Copy at Get Uplift, Sophia utilizes a unique blend of data analytics and emotional intelligence to craft compelling copy. This ensures that businesses don’t just reach potential customers, but also connect with them on a deeper level, generating conversions, leads, and sales. Tune in as we dive deep into the craft of copywriting with Sophia Dagnon, revealing the keys to writing persuasive and impactful copy. Let’s get started!


“Your website is not just a storefront, it’s a compass—guiding visitors clearly to their destination.”Sophia Dagnon

“Rather than testing elements, Focus on understanding what people truly desire. It’s a strategy built on meeting real needs, not just hitting targets.”Sophia Dagnon

Featured Guest

Sophia Dagnon
Website:  https://getuplift.co/
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sophiadagnon/


00:00 – Introduction
02:10 – The Journey from Academia to Copywriting
03:09 – Melding Research and Strategy in Copywriting
04:25 – How Understanding Pain Points Drives Conversions
06:08 – A Universal CRO Strategy for Any Business
08:09 – Pain to Solution: The Backbone of Effective Strategy
10:07 – From Generic to Genuine: How Research Changed Our Strategy
13:57 – Tailoring Testing Methods to Your Business
16:30 – The Art of Decluttering: Removing Filler Words in Copy
18:35 – The Online Storefront: Directing Traffic with Clear Copy
19:17 – Conclusion

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