We are a full service podcast production studio, we handle everything from idea to broadcast. This is not a DIY space or a studio you have access to, this is a production company. We have engineers and producers who handle all the heavy lifting, you just need to bring your best self.

We offer audio, audio and video and live podcast production. Whatever your needs are, we have you covered. We work with you every step of the way to get your podcast fully designed, branded, sponsored, broadcasted and viewed. We will work with you to get all your graphics made, including intro videos and headshots. Additionally, we will help you get your podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, etc. Most importantly, we teach you how to make your content work for you from start to finish.

We love working with businesses to show how podcasts and video content can connect with the community, create conversations, answer questions and expand the brand.


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We specialize in working with entrepreneurs, visionaries, and businesses of all sizes who have an impactful point-of-view. Our dedicated studio at Mindspace is open to individuals and organizations across the region. Women-owned, Heartcast Media is the vision of D.C. entrepreneur Molly Ruland who is dedicated to helping brands and organizations bring their authentic, original content to life through podcasts and video production.

We embrace technology and have figured out how to eliminate post production with real time video editing and audio mastering. By the time you get back to your desk the video and audio files for your session will be waiting in your email inbox. The days of paying more in editing than in filming are over and you wont have to hunt us down for your files.

We can also cover your panel discussions and conferences with the same technology, contact us today to talk about your event to see how we can make it great.

Designed as an affordable, high quality option for clients of all sizes Heartcast Media Studios have two locations in DC. The flagship studio is at Mindspace is in the heart of K Street in the Washington Post Building on Franklin Square and the second studio is at Ecofy on 19th & L street NW.

Learn more and book your studio time HERE.

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