On this episode of Camp Content, we’re talking all about how coaches, consultants, and experts can scale their businesses with a strong focus on marketing and content creation. Most of these professionals struggle with getting consistent leads and clients because their marketing strategies are not efficient, and they often rely on referrals or word of mouth. Social media can be a powerful distribution channel, but it requires a better understanding of the game, a more targeted approach, and an appropriate strategy.

Our guest, Sheryl Plouffe, shares her expertise and helps coaches and consultants overcome their fears and trauma to confidently share their unique point of view with their audience in an efficient and consistent way. We’ll be discussing how to create high-value content that converts and is easily repurposed on different platforms, including YouTube. Our host also discusses her own journey with podcasting and offers valuable insights into the world of content creation. Tune in to learn more about building relationships, choosing the right partners and clients, handling negative comments, and much more.

[00:00:00] Start
[00:03:30] “Starting from the Kitchen Counter: Entrepreneurial Resourcefulness”
[00:05:29] “Embrace Imperfection: The Power of Reps”
[00:08:50] “Crafting Thought Leadership: Tips for Podcasters”
[00:12:51] “Repurposing Content: Pro or Production Nightmare?
[00:14:29] “Helping Coaches and Consultants Scale Through Content”
[00:19:33] “Why High Ticket Offers are Key for Success”
[00:22:47] “From Burnout to Profit: My Podcast Journey”
[00:26:01] “Marketing Podcast delves into Digital Pollution & Entrepreneurship”
[00:30:26] “Podcast vs Video: Choosing the Right Format”

Topics covered in the podcast episode:

  • Challenges faced by coaches, consultants, and experts in scaling their businesses with a focus on marketing and content creation
  • Difficulty in getting consistent leads and clients due to inefficient marketing strategies and reliance on referrals or word of mouth
  • Importance of understanding social media game, having a targeted approach, and appropriate strategy
  • Pitfalls of following irrelevant or untested advice and spending too much time on non-income generating activities
  • Strategies to overcome fears and trauma and confidently share unique point of view with audience through high-value content that converts and easily repurposed on different platforms, including YouTube
  • Importance of developing a reverse engineering strategy and knowing message and content’s value
  • Tips for becoming a thought leader by having a clear message to share and formulating own opinions and ideas
  • Use of Surfer SEO as a tool to create a cluster around a keyword and show its search volume
  • How to create new content relevant to current trends instead of relying on panel discussions to answer clients’ questions
  • Importance of using language that matches what people are searching for
  • Role of relationships in life and business and tips for choosing the right partners, clients, and associations

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