The Algorithm Is Literally Killing You

Are you concerned about the power of tech companies?
Ever notice how you can’t scroll for five minutes online without being subjected to ads, posts and content that seem to know exactly what will get your attention? Well it turns out big tech companies are using algorithms not just to control our access but also manipulate our emotions and even physical health.

Join Matt, Molly & Anthony as they dive into the effects of this algorithm-driven world on today’s episode of Camp Content! Not only will you be entertained while tuning in – but you’ll also come out more knowledgeable, secure and empowered than ever before. Combining powerful visual stories with thought-provoking conversations, Camp Content strives to become an indispensable source or knowledge for all who care about understanding today’s tech world.


The goal of American TikTok is to get you addicted to TikTok so you never leave.” – Anthony

The algorithm is watching what you do, and it’s really our own fault. The best way to eliminate it is to only follow certain channels and control what content is served to us. – Molly

There are 27 states out of 50 who banned Tiktok in terms of government or state government levels – Matt


Molly Ruland
CEO & Founder, Heartcast Media

Matt Billman
Operations Manager, Heartcast Media

Anthony Schiano
Relationship Manager, Heartcast Media


00:00 Introduction
00:53 Tiktok Algorithms with China and US
04:04 Algorithm’s influence in our behavior
05:50 Preventing addiction in Short form content videos
07:20 Important of Consistent Content and Target audience
12:56 The takeaways with short form videos
17:32 Outro

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