Yo yo yo! Welcome to the pilot episode of our brand new show! Meet Molly, Matt, and Anthony, – the zany brains behind Heartcast Media.They’re gonna take you on a trip down memory lane and spill the beans on how they met, their off-the-wall backgrounds, and the crazy adventure that led to starting their biz. So sit back, relax, and brace yourself for some serious fun as the trio takes you on a journey through their past three years of branding, marketing and value sharing in the industry.


“Listening is the revolution. And I really believe that we need to give that out to the world a little more.” – Anthony

“In the beginning of the pandemic, everybody used the word pivot way too much. But I don’t think pivot is the right word. I think leverage is the word for 2023.” -Molly


Molly Ruland
CEO & Founder, Heartcast Media

Matt Billman
Operations Manager, Heartcast Media

Anthony Schiano
Relationship Manager, Heartcast Media


00:00 Introduction
01:42 The first meeting
05:12 Introducing Matt
07:28 Listening to your own voice
09:48 Meet Anthony
10:31 Listening is revolution
14:16 Anthony’s broadcasting background
17:52 Molly, founder of Heartcast Media
23:48 The internal conversations

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