Welcome to Camp Content! In today’s episode, we’re hanging out with the video marketing queen, Maryann Lombardi. She’s the master of creating all kinds of videos, from Short-form video to live broadcasts. Get ready to learn from the best as Maryanne spills the beans on how to make your video content valuable on different platforms. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a marketer, you’ll learn valuable lessons from Maryanne on how to leverage short-form video to boost your marketing efforts. When not creating tons of video content Maryann specializes in launching businesses so if you have an idea you want to turn into an revenue ready business, this is a great episode for you.


Maryann Lombardi


00:00 Introduction of guest, Maryanne Lombardi
02:56 Being a creative both entrepreneurship and government work
05:24 Inspiration behind creating video contents
08:23 Posting videos and tracking results in preferred platforms
11:46 Opportunities of short-form videos
15:48 Valuing our teachers beyond classroom
19:12 Thoughts about the TikTok platform
22:06 Getting results from different platforms
24:05 Consistency and providing values
28:52 Testing and retesting

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