Are you aiming to level up your content marketing game? Our Camp Content episode has the answers! Join Molly, Matt and Anthony as they give you an inside look at how to get twice the results with minimal effort. Get ready for a fun journey of entertainment and education–all designed to help maximize your content performance. So come on in campers, it’s time for another exciting adventure with Camp Content!So grab a marshmellow and let’s do this!


“Don’t just craft awesome content and use it only once – take advantage of the potential to get even more engagement by spreading your creation across multiple platforms. – MattLeveraging is a proactive strategy for maximizing the impact of your content, whereas repurposing is a reactive approach.” – Molly

“Creating high-quality content does not have to take a lot of time. With proper planning and intention, you can create enough content for a month in just 45 minutes to an hour.” – Anthony


Molly Ruland
CEO & Founder, Heartcast Media

Matt Billman
Operations Manager, Heartcast Media

Anthony Schiano
Relationship Manager, Heartcast Media


00:00 Introduction
02:18 Leveraging Content for Multipurpose Marketing
08:35 Repurposing vs Intentional Content Creation
14:09 Creating Intentional Content for Long-term Leverage content creation

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