Hey Campers! Tune in to Episode 41 as we welcome Lance Lambert, an inspirational content marketing expert and cannabis advocate. Discover his transformative journey from overcoming cancer to championing holistic cannabis solutions. From transitioning from alcohol to cannabis healing to revolutionizing the industry at Grove Bags, Lance’s story is a testament to unwavering dedication and innovation.

Join us! as he shares insights on personal growth, cutting-edge cannabis preservation techniques, and the transformative power of authentic relationships.


“Cannabis isn’t just a remedy; it’s a natural path to healing through surgeries and cancer.” – Lance Lambert

“Focus on building awareness and interest to guide customers towards intent and conversion organically.” – Lance Lambert

Featured in the Episode

Lance Lambert
Linkedin:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/lanceclambert/


00:00 – Introduction
01:20 – Managing International Triumphs
05:01 – Global Adventures with Javier Haas
08:08 – Unexpected Daycare Discovery
10:56 – Decade’s Industry Reflection
13:16 – Cannabis Advocacy and Social Shift
18:11 –  Packaging Diversity Journey
19:20 – Passive Atmospheric Packaging Exploration
20:12 – Balancing Humidity: Innovation Beyond Borders
24:56 – Digital Marketing Evolution
25:34 – Partnership Spotlight: Strengthening Connections
27:38 – Channel Shift: Disrupting the Funnel
31:31 – Relationship Building Focus
33:30 – Connection and Humor Dynamics
37:39 – Passion Driving Cannabis Industry
38:43 – Outro

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