Hey Campers! In this episode, we are joined by Elissa Jane Mastel, sharing insights from the agency world and encouraging entrepreneurs through her 1111 Empress mindset platform. Our discussion will delve into content marketing, short-form video content, celebrity social media mishaps, and the authenticity of influencers. We will emphasize the importance of authenticity and building solid business relationships in this exploration of the content landscape. Join us as we navigate this dynamic realm of content.


“Value authenticity, body positivity, and inner beauty over appearance. Let your genuine self define your presence on social media.”- Elissa Jane Mastel

“The key is mindset. Believe in yourself; there’s enough business for everyone.”-Elissa Jane Mastel

Featured in the Episode

Elissa Jane Mastel
Website: https://www.the1111empress.com/
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/elissajanemastel/


00:00 – Introduction
00:32 – Transitioning from Necessity to Independence
04:15 – From Edgy to Accessible: A Brand Transformation
05:44 – The Evolution of Websites in Collateral Design
09:09 – Big Agency Services at Independent Rates
11:45 – Empowering Female Realtors with Content Creation Skills
13:48 – Exploring New Avenues in Social Media Investing
14:48 – Insights on TikTok’s Ban and Future Strategies
18:25 – Independent Influencers: Mastering Brand Success
20:01 – Joy in Satire: Mocking Business Culture
24:16 – Embracing Authenticity and Body Positivity
29:16 – Community Support for Entrepreneurial Growth
32:47 – Transforming Business Models and Innovations
36:51 – Attracting Like-minded Individuals through Authenticity
38:12 – Outro

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