Hello, Campers!Join us at Camp Content as we delve into an engaging exploration of marketing with our guest Trey Robinson. Gain insights into current marketing trends, strategies for maintaining balance, and the impact of data and AI. We’ll tap into Trey’s expertise on customer relationships, social platforms, and adapting to digital shifts. This discussion is packed with wisdom, humor, and valuable industry perspectives.


“Invest wisely in efficient channels and optimize media for lower costs. Strengthen customer relationships to boost interaction and drive lasting growth.” – Trey Robinson

“Begin at the foundation of the marketing funnel with conversions to unravel the true impact on your business, climbing upwards for enriched insights and success.”  – Trey Robinson

Featured in the Episode

Trey Robinson
Website: https://storyamplify.com/
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/trey-robinson/


00:00 – Introduction
01:16 – Focused Marketer Juggling Family and Sports
04:23 – Adapting to Marketing Evolution
06:37 – Challenges, Money Management, and Success
12:33 – AI Empowering Subject Matter Experts
16:31 – Understanding Customer Value and Acquisition Costs
19:50 – Simplifying Marketing Data with Funnels
23:43 – LinkedIn, Newsletters, and Informed Sharing
26:10 – Algorithms, Content Length, and Flaws
30:15 – Impactful Content and Brand Metrics
33:49 – Musical Website Content and Austin Vibes
34:57 – High School Musician’s Party Triumph
37:29 – Outro

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