Get ready for an incredible episode here at Camp Content! Today, we’re hanging out with Laura Davidson, a true trailblazer in the music industry and a Market Development Manager at Shure Incorporated. Laura is truly incredible in every sense! She is a remarkable singer-songwriter and a mother. She is also crushing it as a host of her own podcast, “Song 43”. All of this while managing every aspect of life with grace and humility making her an inspiration to everyone.

There isn’t anyone more knowledgeable about sound and Laura is a powerhouse career woman like no other! We’re thrilled to share her insights with you, so don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to learn from the best!

Featured Guest
Laura Davidson


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00:00 Introducing Laura Davidson
02:54 Why are people afraid of the microphone?
08:20 Good microphone makes you sound smarter
13:38 Thoughts about the Shure MV88
22:13 A century business of Shure
23:21 Shure’s military-grade quality microphones
28:42 Wrap up

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“Just like we say In the audio industry, garbage in, garbage out. You can’t fix bad audio. You can polish it slightly, but you can’t fix it.” – Laura

“Buying the right microphone really matters and we always recommend MV7 because it is a great microphone and it’s very user-friendly.” – Molly