Hey Campers! Join us as we dive into the world of competitive enablement, marketing, sales, and technology with our special guest, Dejan Gajsek.

In this episode, uncover the secrets to success in education, social media, and standing out in a saturated market. Discover the game-changing potential of research data and the importance of building strong customer relationships. We’ll also tackle podcasts, content ROI, AI companies, and the invaluable feedback from frontline workers. And to top it off, we’ll delve into the power of battle cards in boosting sales performance.

Prepare to have your mind blown. It’s time to dive headfirst into an epic conversation. Let’s do this!


“In this competitive market, being different and the right fit for your clients is the key to success.”-Dejan Gajsek

“Quality content that educates and adds value to your audience is key. Then, optimize for SEO to drive traffic.”- Dejan Gajsek

Featured Guest

Dejan Gajsek
Website: https://www.growandscale.com/


00:00 – Introduction
03:11 – The Powerful Fusion of Marketing and Execution
05:50 – Mastering Valid Cards: Elevating Sales Conversations
08:37 – The Secret to Thriving in a Crowded Market
12:55 – Navigating the Competitive AI Landscape
14:51 – Content Marketing to Competitive Enablement
17:17 – Customer Feedback: The Key to Success in Marketing and Sales
18:16 – Prioritizing Customers in Marketing and Sales
20:17 – Closing Deals vs Chasing Likes: The Illusion of Numbers
22:23 – Resisting the Shiny Object: Focusing on Results in Sales
23:15 – Boost Your Edge: 2-Minute Enablement Quiz
24:16 – Conclusion

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