Hey Campers! In this episode, we have a conversation with dating coach Connell Barrett. He shares his journey and emphasizes the importance of approaching interactions without predetermined outcomes. Learn about the impact of content creation on his business and gain valuable tips for confident socializing. We explore the role of a wing woman and the power of content in navigating the dating world. Get ready for an insightful discussion filled with anecdotes and practical advice.


“The idea of approaching is about committing to offering value, energy, and engaging in a social conversation in a light and playful way.” -Connell Barrett

“When starting a conversation, don’t overthink it. Simply ask a question or make a comment that relates to your surroundings and the current events.” -Connell Barrett

Featured Guest

Connell Barrett
Founder and Executive Coach of Dating Transformation
Website: https://datingtransformation.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/datingtransformation


00:00 – Introduction
00:32 – Transforming Lives: Genuine Connections with Connell
05:15 – Dating Sober to Success: Engaging Podcast Topics
08:25 – Navigating Dating Respectfully: Avoiding Objectification
13:23 – Genuine and Playful Approaches to Connecting
15:43 – The Wingwoman Advantage: Unlocking the Power of Trust in Dating
16:52 – Personalized Dating Advice: Website and Podcast Connection
20:11 – Driving Clients and Audience: SEO Success Story
22:23 – Seizing SEO Opportunities: The Power of Podcasts
24:33 – Making Content a Powerful Business Growth Tool
29:45 – Simple Questions and Authenticity: Positive Outcomes
33:41 – Bio to Discovery Calls: Podcast Reflections and Promotion
34:45 – Outro

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