Welcome back to Camp Content! Today, hosts Matt Billman and Molly Ruland are joined by Sabine Kvenberg, a communication master and confidence coach. In this episode we hear about her journey from Europe to the U.S, where she co-founded a performing arts school. Discover Sabine’s shift to empowering entrepreneurs through music and storytelling, conquering public speaking fears, and mastering audience connections. Gain practical tips from Sabine’s acting background for enhancing your communication skills.


“We have to connect with our ideal audience. We have to convey our message powerfully so that we can grow our businesses.”-Sabine Kvenberg

“To anyone starting their business, some become accidental entrepreneurs after layoffs. Now, it’s about utilizing skills to teach or share.”-Sabine Kvenberg

Featured in the Episode

Sabine Kvenberg
Website: https://www.sabinekvenberg.com/
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sabinekvenberg/


00:00 – Introduction
02:02 – Nurturing Opportunities for a Greater Impact
03:59 – Inspiring Rivals and Partnerships in Education
05:54 – Mind Over Matter: The Power of Mindset in Transformation
09:41 – The Impact of Music in Content and Marketing
12:07 – Finding Inspiration in Everyday Adventures
13:27 – Conquer public speaking fears for confidence
15:06 – The Power of the 3 P’s: Prime, Prepare, Present for Success
18:46 – Effective Communication in Business Growth
24:47 – Amplifying Your Voice: Podcasting with Ease and Passion
27:28 – Leveraging Webinars for Instant Audience Input
29:18 – Harnessing Deep Belly Breaths for Confidence
31:34 – Adding Humor and Lightness to Engagements
34:02 – Outro

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