Howdy Campers! Are you looking to level up your podcast game? Stop scratching your head and join Molly, Matt and Anthony to get the answers you need!

Get ready for an amazing journey of brand-building and knowledge discovery! If a scenic hike is on your bucket list, then boy do we have news – with podcast guesting you can explore the wild frontier, elevate your brand, be an expert in your field, and become totally unstoppable.

Grab your smores supplies (because why not), Lace up those boots, and let’s venture off into unknown lands together!


The creation of engaging content has never been easier. But with the right intention and effort, you can produce fresh ideas daily that will keep your audience captivated! -Anthony

The skill of leading a conversation is a sign that you’re a good journalist Unleash the power of small content and expand your reach to new heights-Molly

When guesting a podcast, don’t be afraid of what viewers may say; take it all in stride and use their comments to further highlight your strengths! –Matt

Molly Ruland
CEO & Founder, Heartcast Media

Matt Billman
Operations Manager, Heartcast Media

Anthony Schiano
Relationship Manager, Heartcast Media

Special mentions

Teri Schultz
Alex Sanfilippo

00:00 Introduction
01:04 #1: Be prepared
06:34 #2: Buy quality microphone
11:26 #3: Short form video
14:51 #4: Leveraging built-in audience
21:50 #5: Understand the timeline
24:45 Conclusion

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