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Camp Content is a podcast about content marketing in 2024. Its a fast paced, fun show to highlight you, your company, and the work you are doing specifically in marketing. More importantly, it will be fun-ish. Speed rounds, top 10 lists and so much more, it will be at least slightly better than another Zoom meeting and we only need 30 mins of your time. 

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Please note that email correspondence will be coming to you from this point forward from my assistant Lei. Her email is: lei@heartcastmedia.com

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We take our audio very seriously at Camp Content so please have a mic and don’t be at a dentist appointment, true story that actually happened to a client of ours. Don’t be that guy.

Step 4: Promotion

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You are going to receive links, graphics, and even a simple way to share your episode live with your audience in order to easily promote the show. It is our expectation that you will promote it to your list, and on all your social media platforms.

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