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There are hundreds of way to capture audio for your podcast, livestream, meeting, or anything you want recorded. But here’s the thing, not every device you sue sounds great or will go the extra step to make that export or import of audio smooth and easy. So, we decided to chat with Joe Bordash from Sound Devices and we go over an array of recording and audio capture devices that are best suited for you to take your podcast tot he next level.

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Highlights with time stamps:
0:00 Intro
1:11 Joe talks about Sound Devices, what it does and if it started just doing stuff for the film industry only and what their products are
2:01 Marcus talks about the Sound Device MixPre and all the specs and if he would recommend it to a podcaster
4:35 Joe talks about the role that he plays in Sound Device and also talks about how long he has been working there
6:05 Adam and Joe talk about how the MixPre series has evolved and also if Joe was there when Sound Device launched its first MixPre series
7:14Adam talks about how the Sound Device’s products are of high quality and why they are good to use when podcasting
8:16 Joe talks about their team at Sound Device and why it is important to have a great team working with you and importance of creating quality products
9:02 Marcus talks about the Sound Device USBPre 2 and what its specifications are and if they are still being made
10:15 Joe talks about what goes into their products making sure that they are as reliable as possible and make sure that when engineers hit record, they’re going to actually do their job
13:44 Joe talks about what he has learned as to how important it is to make sure that recording up front is as good as possible as opposed to just fixing something and posting it
14:43 Joe talks about why as a podcaster you should never go for cheap equipments because at long last you will end up using more time fixing that recording
16:00 Joe and Molly also talk about the importance of having a NoiseAssist as an add on in the plug in when you are doing your recordings and the kind of noises it reduces
17:57 Joe talks about if NoiseAssist only works on the microphone channel that you’re plugged into or how it works with other devices
18:40 Joe talks about the key components that they are focusing on especially in a MixPre when a podcaster wants to upgrade their set up such as MixAssist
20:45 Joe also talks about the MixAssist in detail as an add on in the plug in especially when doing the live recordings
23:10 Joe shares a little bit of history of how their company was formed, by who and how they came up with their name
24:32 Joe talks about the recording medium that is 32 bit float in details and if he would recommend someone to use it
27:44 Joe talks about if you can actually distort the preamps and if there will be a risk of that with the mix
29:28 Joe also talks about other USB interfaces that might also have 32 bit float and how they work
29:53 Adam, Marcus and Joe also talks about the numbers or how much the devices that are able to record in 32 Bit Float cost
31:20 Joe and Marcus talk about the kits that they assemble for their clients and set everything up before they send the kit to them and why they do that
32:52 Joe explains why he thinks the devices have gone up in prices especially during this period of the pandemic
33:22 Molly talks about the importance of sending your clients a kit that is already set and the only thing he or she has to do is just press record
36:08 Joe talks about how he explains to someone on a budget or don’t want to spend a fortune to buy their equipments which are not cheap
38:41 Marcus and Joe talks about the supportive community that the Sound Device have for their customers and the importance of that support
39:45 Molly talks about the importance of supporting people on how to use equipments to elevate their voices and why you should always shop with Podcast Outfitters
41:03 Joe shares examples of the best, most heart-warming Sound Devices social media story and the worst
42:43 Joe talks about the most abused Sound Devices box that he have seen and also why that is

Equipment Mentioned:
Marcus’s Microphone : http://heartcast.biz/3gLTjyG
Molly’s Set Up : http://heartcast.biz/38tHHO0
Sound Device MixPre 3 II : https://heartcast.biz/3rLqeXV
Sound Device MixPre 6 II: https://heartcast.biz/31FE6se
SM7B: https://heartcast.biz/3qRDOsg
RTA Microphones: https://heartcast.biz/31M0u30
Sound Device USBPre 2: https://heartcast.biz/31PYQgJ

Shows Mentioned:
Loopback can combine audio from both application sources and audio input devices, and then make it available anywhere on your Mac.

NoiseAssist is an advanced signal processing algorithm that reduces background noises such as traffic, generators, HVAC noise, and more. One instance of NoiseAssist can run on any channel, bus L, or bus R.

Enable MixAssist to reduce unwanted microphone and room noise while recording.

The MixPre II models introduce the ability to record 32-bit floating point WAV files.  For ultra-high-dynamic-range recording, 32-bit float is an ideal recording format.


Crazy People is a 1990 American Black comedy film starring Dudley Moore and Daryl Hannah, and directed by Tony Bill.

Quotes Mentioned:
“It’s not a tough sell to get a more affordable Sound Device’s products.”
“If you’ve got a great podcast with really great content, but it doesn’t sound great, then it might not go very far.”
“Everyone’s making cool audio gear.”
“If you record something way, way, way too quiet, you can crank it infinite or infinitely, and you’re not going to lose anything in your signal.”
“You can make a lot of things sound good.”
“You can’t get everything for free and then turn around and ask how to monetize it.”
“Social media is a mixed bag.”
“If you take good care of your team, it’ll take good care of you.”
“If you take good care of your Sound Devices, it’ll take good care of you.”

Guests Social Media Links:
Facebook: https://mobile.facebook.com/joe.bordash.90
Website: https://www.sounddevices.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sounddevices?lang=en
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sounddevices/

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