Trends and Hot Topics in the Podcasting Industry

These past few days have been quite active in the podcasting industry. There was a controversy with Joe Rogan and Spotify, also the podcasting market is growing, and more people are getting into it. In this episode, Molly, Adam, and Marcus talk about Libsyn’s financials and assets, how people record audio the incorrect way, news and developments in the podcasting industry, what are the top-selling podcasting equipment, Riverside’s marketing campaign, Boom Caster, and a bitesize about the Super Bowl.

?Key Takeaways
?About the current Issues on Libsyn on their  Financials, Assets, and their hosting platform
?People use audio recording devices the wrong way
?Tips and recommendations on how to use audio recording devices
?News and Updates on the podcasting World
?What are the Hot Selling Podcasting Equipment
?Know the Riverside Controversy on their ad Campaign and the New player, Boom Caster

?Quote Takeaways
“The podcasting world has been busy, and every podcast business is starting to pick up this month of February.” – Molly
“Producing a similar device is wonderful, and it’s a cool thing to do, but most people wouldn’t spend money on stuff that is almost identical to what they already have.” – Adam

“I’m uncomfortable using a service if they are disrespectful to their competitors, but I like that there is competition, and as a result, Riverside continues to give the greatest deals on the market.” – Marcus

?Websites and Techs Mentioned in The Episode

☑️Boom Caster

☑️Rodecaster Pro
☑️Zoom P8
☑️Universal Audio Microphone SD 1

?Speakers on this Episode
?️Podcast Pro: Molly Ruland
What she does: Molly is the founder and CEO of Heartcast Media, a full-service podcast production company and content creation lab based in Washington, D.C.

?️Podcast Pro: Marcus dePaula
What he does: An audio engineer, podcast producer and website designer, Marcus runs Me Only Louder, a podcast production company in Franklin, Tenn.

?️Podcast Pro: Adam Levin
What he does: Adam is the manager of Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center and is the founder of Podcast Outfitters, which specializes in podcast equipment.
Podcast Outfitters The Podcast Equipment Experts
Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center

?Time Stamp
⏲️[00:00] Introduction
⏲️[00:49] About Lybsin Financials and Assets
⏲️[04:06] Talks about audio recording
⏲️[09:17] Current Issues on the podcasting World
⏲️[12:42] New and Hot Selling Podcasting Equipment
⏲️[22:04] Riverside Controversy and the New Boom Caster
⏲️[28:50] Closing

☑️Tweet by Bryan Barletta regarding Riverside.Fm
☑️Review on Universal Audio SD-1 Dynamic Microphone

This podcast is produced by Heartcast Media.