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Jared Easley is the Co-founder and VP of Content and Community for Podcast Movement. He is the co-host of the Starve the Doubts podcast. He is also the author of two books. The most recent is Stop Chasing Influencers. Jared joins us to talk the upcoming Podcast Movement meetup in Nashville and how they are creating a hybrid event for all to be involved. We’re talking the importance of the speakers and the diversity in their topics, as well as Podcast movement University.

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Highlights with timestamps:
0:00 Intro
1:34 Jared shares a little bit of history of how they started the Podcast Movement with his partner and being so successful
3:50 Jared also talks about the things that they did with his partner that made the Podcast Movement become the biggest global event for podcasting
8:10 Jared shares his advice to people coming to the Podcast Movement and the pro tip on the best way to experience Podcast Movement
11:49 Jared, Marcus, and Molly talk about the importance of always networking at an event because you never know who might meet and be your gate pass to success
18:15 Jared talks about what Podcast Movement is looking forward to doing in the near future and also the Evolutions events they’ve held in the past
22:18 Molly and Jared talk about places that need to have information and also the emerging markets for podcasters and content creators that they should focus on
26:53 Jared also talks about the new exciting brands that are going to be there in the Podcast Movement this year
28:25 Jared talks about the keynote speakers that they are going to have in the Podcast Movement event this year such as Mark Cuban
31:46 Jared talks about how the pandemic has affected them in terms of holding events, the challenges they faced, and how they solved them
35:47 Jared explains the event being a hybrid event since it’s going to be in-person and a virtual event at the same time and if it’s their first time
37:17 Molly and Jared talk about accessibility and how the Podcast Movement makes sure they are accessible to everyone
42:26 Jared talks about the Podcast Movement University that they have, the information you will get which is free and how to get involved
44:30 Jared shares some advice and pro tips to public speakers on how to know what to speak about that’s not been spoken about so as to give the value you intended to give
48:40 Jared talks about why it’s good to sometimes hold events and have speakers who have different agendas or perspectives from each other
52:08 Molly, Jared, and Marcus talks about why you should know that it’s okay if you don’t make everybody happy in the events especially in selecting the speakers
56:40 Jared, Marcus, and Molly talk about the importance of a speaker to be diverse in the topics and to understand what the event being held is all about

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The vision for She Podcasts is to support and nurture as many female-lead podcasts as possible, and to encourage knowledge-sharing without excessive promotion. Through the podcast, group coaching, workshops, webinars, and other educational materials, Elsie and Jessica hope to grow the number of successful woman-hosted podcasts, thereby giving light and voice to the millions of messages that need to be shared with the world.

Podfest Expo is a community of people who are interested in and passionate about sharing their voice and message with the world through the powerful mediums of audio and video. We’re proud to unite as many people as possible to learn, get inspired, and grow better together.

Shure Incorporated is an American audio products corporation. It was founded by Sidney N. Shure in Chicago, Illinois in 1925 as a supplier of radio parts kits.

Libsyn is the combination of Liberated and Syndication and has from the start stayed true to developing a platform where podcasters have the freedom they need to deliver the kind of podcast they want. Everyone from a hobby podcaster to enterprise-level corporations find a home and support they need through Libsyn or LibsynPro.

Fireside, Mark Cuban is co-founding a podcast app where hosts can talk to fans live and monetize their conversations

FreshBooks is accounting software operated by 2ndSite Inc. primarily for small and medium-sized businesses. It is a web-based software as a service model, that can be accessed through a desktop or mobile device. The company was founded in 2003 and is based in Toronto, Canada.

Quotes Mentioned:
“Take a look at the schedule ahead of time.”
“People are very gracious and want to meet you and they want to talk to you and they are interested in what you’re doing and they want to share opinions.”
“Always be intentional, but be flexible.”
“It’s never a bad look to be friends with the oldest microphone manufacturer in the world.”
“You can’t make everybody happy.”

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