The Best Piece of Equipment to Buy In 2020 | The Podcast Club

It’s the question that’s on everyone’s mind, what is the very best piece of equipment for podcasting in 2020. Well, join Molly, Adam & Marcus to find out who loves what and why, it’s a real doozy.

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0:00 Intro
2:55 Adam and Molly talks about RODE microphones and RODECaster and shares their specs and how they made podcasting easier
4:54 Adam also talks about pro tools in terms of technology and how they have made the world of podcasting and music easy
5:41Marcus talks about podcasting and why having good content is more important than having good tools
6:34 Adam talks about RODECaster and shares his thoughts on how they should have made it better
8:25 Adam talks about the new Zoom PodTrak P8, what it is, all its specs and its importance to the podcasting world
16:10 Adam also talks about Zoom PodTrak P8 which he says is the easiest thing to use while podcasting
17:40 Molly talks about the audio interfaces that are of good quality and are cheap and also easy to use
18:09 Adam also talks about ZDM 1, the importance of having a very good audio interface and also a good microphone while recording
18:45 Marcus shares his thoughts on why you need to have good sound in podcasting and you can be able to do that with what you have
19:44 Adam, Marcus and Molly talks about the importance of investing in audio when podcasting
22:12 Molly talks about different aspects to podcasting and talks about video too as an important aspect too podcasting too
23:27 Adam explains that it’s not a must to have the most expensive equipments to do a podcast but to have the right equipment
25:45 Molly and Adam talks about the importance of preparing well before doing the podcast and recording well and knowing how to use those equipments well
28:05 Marcus explains the cost reduction that comes with recording your audio using the right equipments and the less work it gives to your producer
29:05 Marcus, Molly and Adam talk about AirPods and wireless devices and reasons why they think you should never use them while podcasting when it comes to sound
36:47 Adam talks about iRig as other ways to record podcasts using your phone which sounds better than AirPods
38:54 Adam and Marcus explains how an MV7 can be plugged into an iPhone
39:35 Molly, Adam and Marcus talks about the Shure mobile enabled microphones that are very good to work with if you are recording with your phone such as MV88+
46:14 Adam, Molly and Marcus also explains why it is important for a podcaster to have at least one pair of good headset
50:55 Molly talks about the importance of having a plug and play set of equipments to do your recordings
52:32 Marcus and Adam share their recommendations for kits that serve the purpose and are a plug and play such as Audio-Technica
1:01:46 Molly, Marcus and Adam also encourage people out there in the world to document stuff and the importance of documenting things

Equipment Used:

Marcus’s Microphone : Shure SM7B Microphone

Molly’s Microphone : SHURE MV7-S Podcast Microphone – Silver

Electro-Voice RE20 Classic Variable-D Dynamic Cardioid Microphone :
Cloudlifter :

Equipment Mentioned:

Adam’s Review of the PodTrak:

ZOOM ZDM-1 Podcast Microphone:
Shure MV7:
Shure MV88+:

Quotes Mentioned:
“RODECaster still is like the iPad of podcast recorders. “
“You can make stuff sound as good as you can with what you got.”
“Let the cooks do the cooking.”
“Time is money.”
“If your audio is not up to par, people are going to tune out.”
“You don’t need the fanciest microphone in the world, you need the right microphone for the medium.”
“Nothing’s ever been made better by going wireless.”
“Not all small microphones sound bad.”
“AirPods are for listening to podcasts, not for recording podcasts.”
“It’s easy to capture audio, it’s tough to capture good audio.”
“If you’re not ready to invest the time and learning how to make something sound more awesome, then get something that just makes it easy to be good enough.”

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