The Art of Crashing Podcasts: Your Secret Weapon for Business Growth

Ever felt like you’re just one guest appearance away from unlocking the next level of your business fame? No? Well, buckle up, because you’re about to get schooled on the power of podcast guesting, the unsung hero in the world of business development and relationship wizardry. Let’s face it, I just want an excuse to drop wizardry into a blog. Check!

Skip the Stage, Join the Conversation

Let’s face it, not everyone has the time, resources, or desire to host their own podcast. You’ve got a business to run, deals to close, and zero minutes to worry about microphone brands and audio levels. But here’s the kicker—hopping onto someone else’s show as a guest can catapult you into the limelight with a fraction of the effort. Not to mention the relationships you can form with people who spend lots of time, with lots of your potential clients.

Leverage That Second-Hand Fame

Being on other people’s podcasts is like getting a fast pass at Disneyland, but for business networking. You’re leveraging their audience, their credibility, and their platform to showcase your expertise without having to build it all from scratch. It’s piggybacking at its finest, folks. While I love a branded podcast, its not a speed race to success. Its a long haul with big results, but a long haul none-the-less.

A Symphony of New Eardrums

Each podcast episode is a symphony, and your voice is the solo act gaining access to a concert hall filled with potential clients, partners, and industry influencers. Without lifting a finger to hit record, you’re reaching a diverse pool of listeners ready to hear your story, absorb your knowledge, and potentially engage with your brand. It’s like being on Leno, kinda.

Relationships on Speed Dial

Podcast hosts are the new gatekeepers to industry elites. By sharing a mic and a good conversation, you’re essentially speed-dating your way to valuable connections that could take eons to build through cold emails or LinkedIn requests. And who knows, the host might just become your next business bestie or introduce you to one. I think people really overlook the relationship that is formed on these recordings. Most tend to burn through the recordings, barely looking in the rearview mirror to see if that host needs a ride. That host is the gatekeeper to lots of new business, they are a warm lead not a lame podcast host. Mindset matters here, big time.

Multiply Your Clout with Significantly Less Overhead

Imagine multiplying your business clout without worrying about editing, publishing, or distribution. As a guest, your primary investment is your time and insights. Everything else? It’s on your host’s dime and time. You’re essentially getting a free ride on their dollar while your personal brand gets chauffeured around Podcastville. There is an expense to it, don’t get me wrong. Not all podcasts are created equal, the more time and money you spend, the higher the quality of the visibility and podcasts you are booked on. If you want high quality results, an agent will always be your best results. Ahem.

The Lowdown

So there you have it—the why and the wows of immersing yourself in the world of podcast guesting. Whether you’re looking to broaden your network, amplify your expertise, or simply find a new channel to drive revenue, remember this: your next business breakthrough could be just one “Sure, I’d love to be a guest on your show” away.

Now go forth and conquer those airwaves. Just don’t forget to bring your A-game and a dash of that snarky charm. Oh and for the love the Christ, buy a microphone ya heathen. You CANNOT be on good podcasts with out a mic. Period. Need a recommendation? Hit me up, I got you and a coupon code.

Go forth and get booked kids, new clients are waiting.


Molly Ruland

Molly Ruland

"Listening is the Revolution"