StudBae, FOMO, and Every Term In Between

Sorry all, if you wanna find Molly on Twitter, you’ll have to search her new @, StudBae.. okay maybe not, but she might have the slightest bit of FOMO if she doesn’t and someone else takes it. But then again, can you have FOMO if you don’t know what it is? Just ask Marcus. We’re talking the growth in revenue in the podcast industry and how it’s sky rocketing and where it’s heading, and why you should listen to an entire epsiode, not just the “best” clips, which is what one company tried to sneakily do but ended up getting found out by.

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Highlights with time stamps:
0:00 Intro
1:57 Molly talks about Blinkist, what it is, what it does, and what it does in the podcasting world, and if they are going to be monetizing people’s content
5:06 Molly, Adam, and Marcus talk about if Blinkist will work in the podcast industry and how they work
7:46 Molly, Adam, and Marcus talk about Apple Podcast and how they have now launched their subscription model
8:27 Molly, Adam, and Marcus talk about the fear of missing out and if people who listen to podcasts actually experience it to a point of needing to use Blinkist
10:46 Molly, Adam, and Marcus talk about the new podcast that Dave Chappelle just launched called The Midnight Miracle
11:54 Marcus talks about if podcasters really put their shows on Vinyl
12:37 Molly talks about PodClips, what it does and if she would recommend someone to use it for their podcasts
13:02Molly also talks about Blinkist and PodClips and if there is any difference between the two apps and how Blinkist is kind of like TikTok in the podcast world
14:22 Molly and Marcus talk about the importance of listening to the whole podcast and not bits by bits
16:11Molly talks about the benefits that she gets from listening to podcasts and audiobooks apart from knowledge and information
17:50 Molly and Adam talk about the amount of estimated money from ad revenue in the podcast industry in 2023
18:34 Adam talks about the ad that he was about to do on Spotify, his experience, and why he feels that Spotify is the best platform for him to advertise on
24:34 Adam also talks about where the ad would be inserted in a podcast or at which particular point it will play
26:44 Marcus talks about ads in Spotify and if the listeners can be able to skip them just like in YouTube
28:07 Marcus talks about why he feels that advertising on podcasts is more valuable and why more people should do it
29:32 Marcus talks about the uniqueness of hosts reading an advert during a podcast and why he also feels that anchor ads are also good
30:53 Molly and Marcus talk about why people should always personalize their adverts to have that brand connection
34:08 Molly, Adam and Marcus talk about the importance of having a social media team to do the work for you
38:26 Molly and Marcus talk about using the sound panels and also the process of how they made their each and the materials they used

Equipment Mentioned:
Marcus’s Microphone:
Molly’s Set Up:

Shows Mentioned:
Blinks Labs GmbH, commonly known as Blinkist, is a German book-summarizing subscription service based in Berlin, Germany. It was founded in 2012 and has 18 million users as of 2021. The service provides summaries of over 3,000 bestselling non-fiction books, 15-minute reads, otherwise known as Blinks or book-in-blinks.

Fear of missing out is a social anxiety stemming from the belief that others might be having fun while the person experiencing the anxiety is not present. It is characterized by a desire to stay continually connected with what others are doing.

Acast is a Swedish-founded company that provides hosting, monetization, and growth support to podcasts. In 2014, it developed a dynamic insertion technology which can target advertising within podcasts based on location, time, and personal data.

TikTok, known in China as Douyin, is a Chinese video-sharing social networking service owned by the Chinese company ByteDance. The social media platform is used to make a variety of short-form videos, from genres like dance, comedy, and education, that have a duration from 15 seconds to one minute.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau is an advertising business organization that develops industry standards, conducts research, and provides legal support for the online advertising industry.

Spotify is a Swedish audio streaming and media services provider founded in 2006 by Daniel Ek. Spotify is incorporated in Luxembourg as Spotify Technology S.A and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with offices in 17 different countries around the world.

Hulu is an American subscription video-on-demand service fully controlled and majority-owned by The Walt Disney Company. Hulu along with Disney+ and ESPN+ are the three main Disney streaming platforms in the United States

Anchor is a free, beginner-friendly platform for podcast creation, containing tools that allow users to record and edit audio, arrange it into podcast episodes, publish podcasts to listening platforms, and monetize content by collecting listener contributions or adding advertisements into episodes.

Quotes Mentioned:
“You can’t skip the Spotify ads because it manually overrides your playback when the ads playing.”
“It is more valuable to actually advertise on podcasts because the people reading the ads are usually the hosts of the show and people trust those hosts.”

Recorded on Riverside.
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