Scouting for Gold: How to Identify and Reach Out to Perfect Podcast Guests

Alright, consultants, you’ve got the podcast mic, and you’re ready to turn interviews into your personal El Dorado of client relationships. But before you start hitting record, you need a roster of champions to sit across from you (virtually, of course). The question is, how do you scout the MVPs for your show—those potential clients who can talk shop and sign checks? Let me guide you through the headhunter’s handbook for podcast gold.

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Drill Down to Your Dream Client List

First, let’s get Sherlock about this. Who are your dream clients? We’re talking top-tier, industry-shaping, market-moving titans. Craft a list—be ambitious but realistic. Think about who would not only make a great interview but also align perfectly with your consultancy offerings. Pick out the ones that make you think, “If they only got to know me…” Personally, I think I am hilarious so I always prefer to work with clients who have a sense of humor. All jokes aside, I prefer to work with people who can laugh at life and crush at business. My cold outreach for podcast guests reflects that humor and it tends to bring in people like me, which is always good for business.

Do Your Due Diligence

I used to work for a guy in the mortgage business who used to say, “Do your diligence!” I never had the heart to tell him the truth, but enough about ole Charlie. Doing your research isn’t just scrolling LinkedIn for a fun profile picture. Investigate your prospects like they’re the last piece of pie at Thanksgiving. What’s their background? Recent achievements? Company milestones? Dive into news articles, press releases, and blog posts. Knowing their story not only preps you for a killer interview but also shows you’ve invested time and genuinely care about what they bring to the table. Linkedin navigator has really great search options, you just gotta dig a little.

Warm Up the Cold Call

Reaching out cold can be as nerve-wracking as a first date. Make it warmer. Start engaging with your potential guest’s content on social media, leave thoughtful comments, and share their wins. By the time you slide into their DMs or inboxes, they’ll have a faint idea of who you are—setting the stage for a warmer reception when you pop the podcast question. Or you could be like me and go in for the kill on the first try. You gotta find your groove and do what works for you, but you gotta do something.

Craft a Personalized Pitch

When it’s time to reach out, personalize that pitch like it’s a love letter to a long-lost pen pal. Ditch the template talk. Be specific about why they, above all others in the infinite sea of professionals, are the chosen one for your podcast. Highlight how the episode can benefit them—extended reach, spotlighting a project, or simply the joy of sharing their sage wisdom with your audience.

Serve the Silver Platter

Make it easy for them to say yes. Offer a variety of potential recording dates. Assure them you’ll handle all the techy stuff, and they just need to show up and shine. Provide a clear overview of what they can expect before, during, and after the interview. Like a concierge at a five-star hotel, your job is to make their experience seamless and enjoyable. Who doesn’t want more content for LinkedIn? Who doesn’t like having other people validate them on this platform? Nobody, that’s who. When talking open rates, podcast interview invitations are crushing the competition.

Showcase Your Platform’s Value

Remember, this is a two-way street. You’re offering them a stage, a spotlight, a chance to tell their story through a new medium. Highlight the value of your platform, even if it’s growing. Share your vision for the podcast and how they fit into that picture like a final puzzle piece in a masterpiece. Everyone is trying to create more content, you are solving a problem for them and this is just the beginning.

In Conclusion: The Great Guest Hunt

Identifying and reaching out to potential clients for your podcast is an exercise in precision, persistence, and personalization. Be bold in your approach, and put the relationship first. The right guests can transform your podcast from a simple audio project into a strategic networking powerhouse. So, keep your ears to the ground, your research game strong, and your pitches personalized. Your next podcast guest could be your next big client or your new BFF.


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