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Rephonic is a podcast database that helps brands, individuals and agencies increase their ROI through smart podcast appearances.

We help our users find, pitch and get featured on the right shows as a guest or sponsor thanks to listener data, contact information and pitch planning tools.

PodMatch Automatically Matches Ideal Podcast Hosts And Guests For Interviews.

Imagine Your Favorite Online Dating App, But Instead Of Using It For Finding Dates, You’re Booking Podcast Interviews. We Use The Same(ish) Technology For Automated Matching!

AI will make your life a lot easier but don’t rely on it. Check everything 3 or 4 times and rewrite most of it. BUT it will save you massive time. 

Don’t tell anyone I gave you this link 😉


Seriously, this is gold. 


This is a great tool to use to record your video pitches.

Boost Your Team’s Productivity With The Best Video Messaging Platform Out There. Try Loom! Instantly Screen Record & Share. Work Efficiently. Meetings Just Met Their Match. Easy To Use. 200K+ Companies. 20M+ Users. Remote Tech Work’s Future.

equipment recommendations

Molly's Pick!

Shure MV7 Bundle $350

This is def my favorite of all of the options. The boom arm will keep the mic close to your face and give you that “pro look” but more importantly it will keep it off your desk and make it easier to use.  It’s plug and play will make you sound great. A host would be crazy to turn you down with this setup, trust me it matters.

Molly's Pick!

samson q2u bundle $99

This is a really solid and affordable option. The boom arm will keep the mic close to your face and off your desk. It’s the next best mic after the Shure MV7 above. Its a classic mic, easy to use and will also make you sound great. Its all about keeping it close to your face. 

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