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This week’s episode was filmed in Hawaii AND a cornfield. Oh Marcus! Join us as we put to the test with a really great conversation with Christy Haussler of Team Podcast. She joined us from beautiful Hawaii and the view did not disappoint, complete with actual goats. We talked all things shop, how to create a successful podcast editing business, how to monetize your podcast, why mentors and masterminds are important to any successful business and where to get started if you want to level up your podcast.

Christy is the Founder of Team Podcast, a full service podcast production company. She’s helped almost 250 podcasters over the past 8 years, and now she’s on a mission to help podcasters monetize.

Christy knows the power of podcasting to change lives because it changed hers. When Christy started podcasting almost 10 years ago, she was working a full time job and driving 2 hours each way to work. Since going all in on podcasting, she’s been able to move to an island and live the life of her dreams. Christy also has a podcast called Podcast Monetization Secrets to share her knowledge about marketing and monetization.

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Highlights with timestamps:
0:00 Intro
4:50 Christy shares a little background about herself, where she’s from, what she does for a living and how she got into the podcasting world and why she feels every podcast should be monetized
11:12 Christy talks about why people should know how to market stuff and the panel she was put in at the Podfest and what it was all about
12:27 Christy talks about the number of clients she has at her production company and how many episodes she handles every month
12:51 Christy also talks about the services that she offers to her clients
16:00 Christy talks about how they create an evergreen funnel for their clients that will always create revenue
17:26 Christy talks about how her customer relation business acumen came about while in the podcast production business
21:13 Christy explains what a mastermind group is and talks about the Russell Brunson, what it is, and what it is all about
25:09 Christy also shares some of the tips on how to find the best people to invest in that are ahead of you that will have the best advice for you especially with marketing
27:27 Molly also talks about what a mastermind group is and shares more tips on how to find the people that resonate with you that can help you
30:44 Christy also talks about the importance of accountability and being honest about what you are going through to people that can give you calm, rational advice whenever you’re panicking
32:28 Christy talks about where she is recording from at the time and shares some of the reasons she is there
38:48 Christy talks about the agendas that she has this year like launching the Podcast Success Hub to help podcasters monetize their podcasts very quickly
42:49 Christy talks about the events that she will be attending this year and the advice that she gives all people
45:39 Christy also talks about the importance of have multiple streams of income if you want to be successful
46:34 Christy also talks about her team, what it looks like, where they are from, how they work, and why more women should own businesses
50:43 Adam talks about the new Audio Technica AT2040 Hyper cardioid Dynamic Podcast Microphone and if he’d recommend it to a podcaster
54:00 Marcus talks about how he is able to record the show from the fields, the equipment, and software he is using
59:06 Molly shares the updates on the course that she is building and the title that she came up with for the course and things she’ll be launching in February
1:04:26 Christy and Molly talk about the small retreats where you can actually do some masterminding but also some workshop and get stuff done as things that people are willing to invest in

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Quotes Mentioned:
“Not everybody is supposed to make it.”
“Surround yourself with people that are smarter than you.”
“You have to invest to get to that next level.”
“No one’s stopping anybody from starting a business.”
“If you really want results, you have to challenge yourself in a way that scares you.”
“Investing in yourself by putting a little bit of time into researching the right person to help you is just as important as actually taking the action to get the help.”
“Not everyone resonates with other people.”
“Some people function with their back against the wall to do well.”
“If you have clients that are doing really unique or crazy things that are having amazing success when everyone else isn’t, don’t be afraid to partner with them.”
“If you only have one revenue stream, then you’re at a very high risk.”
“The more money that goes to women the more families get helped.”
“Anything is possible on Zoom.”
“The goal is not to work 70 hours a week, the goal is to work seven hours a week, but make that 70 hour week money.”

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