Podcast Hits and NFTs

In this episode, Molly, Adam, and Marcus examine some problems in the podcasting industry surrounding what it takes to be a top popular podcast show. They also explore podcasting industry innovation and potential changes if the industry enters NFTs and VR technology. Tune in if you want to learn more about the possibilities of NFTs in the podcasting sector and how to improve your podcast show.

Key Takeaways
✨What makes a good podcast and What does “Top Hit Episodes” mean?
✨What would it be if NFTs entered into podcasting
✨Podcasting and Virtual Reality

Key Quotes in this Episode

“What makes a podcast the best? What if there’s a podcast that has less listeners but has 100,000 paid subscribers? Does that make it better or is it only based on downloads?” – Molly

“I create things as a way to connect with other human beings. There’s nothing wrong with creating something purely out of the desire to profit from it. But if I’m going to create this exclusive thing that only a small group of people get to hear, just for the sake of making money, it goes against what I think podcasting is all about.”
– Marcus
“The community’s got to be strong to make any one of these NFTs relevant, that’s kind of how a lot of it happens. That’s why these things blow up, not just because, but because there’s a momentum behind it”  – Adam

People Mentioned in the Episode

?Paul Stamets
?Joe Rogan
?James Cridland
?Martin Shkreli
?Method Man
?Rick Ross
?Mike Tyson
?Logan Paul

Special Mentioned in the Episode

✅DAO – Decentralized Autonomous Organization
✅NFT – Non-Fungible Token
✅Metaverse – Fictional World
✅Altered Carbon Movie

Our Podcast Host for this Episode:

Podcast Pro: Molly Ruland
?️ What she does: Molly is the founder and CEO of Heartcast Media, a full-service podcast production company and content creation lab based in Washington, D.C.

Podcast Pro: Marcus dePaula
?️ What he does: An audio engineer, podcast producer and website designer, Marcus runs Me Only Louder, a podcast production company in Franklin, Tenn.

Podcast Pro: Adam Levin
?️ What he does: Adam is the manager of Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center and is the founder of Podcast Outfitters, which specializes in podcast equipment.


⏲[00:00] Introduction

⏲️[2:33] Molly, Marcus and Adam discusses the article released by Bloomberg about podcasting.

⏲️[05:33]They discuss what makes a good podcast and how should we define “Hit”.

⏲️[08:19]Molly discusses the prediction she made on Spotify going out of business.

⏲️[12:01]Adam discusses decentralizing the podcast industry, suggesting a  more community-based type of podcasting. He also stated about NFTs entering the podcast industry.

⏲️[23:04]They discuss what will happen in the future if NFTs and virtual reality become mainstream.

⏲️[35:15] Conclusion of the episode


?Equipment Mentioned:

Sony ZV e10 Camera – Marcus’ camera

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