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Shelly Omilâdè Bell is an author, business strategist, and inspirational speaker who moves ideas to profit while empowering people to live more authentically. As a cultural translator, she connects entrepreneurs, investors, and corporations in order to diversify their talent pipeline, increase equity and grow their brands.

Omi is Always Ready To Answer these questions

Is there a particular business model that you have used for Black Girl Ventures?

Are there any particular business models you suggest for first time entrepreneurs not utilized?

What kind of issues are black and brown women facing when it comes to starting business?

How can an entrepreneur make genuine connections in their field?

When it comes to entrepreneurship, what type of mindset should one have to be successful?

Why did you start Black Girl Ventures?

What can the audience learn from you?



Women Empowerment
Venture Capital
Motherhood / Mompreneurship
Social Impact


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OMI is located in Washington DC and is available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (Varies)