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Today we’re joined by Laura Clapp Davidson.  After moving to Nashville as a Berklee College of Music graduate, Laura quickly befriended some of Music City’s best and it wasn’t long before she was singing for a living. This led to countless demo sessions, an incredible journey as backing vocalist for 80’s synth legend Howard Jones and the opportunity to share her love of music gear as a product specialist for several music equipment manufacturers. Most recently, Laura joined the legendary Shure Incorporated as their Retail Market Development Specialist which is why she joins us today to walk us through some of their biggest and best microphones.

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Highlights with time stamps:
0:00 Intro

3:44 Laura and Molly talk about the podcast movement in Orlando and the podcast interview they had using the MV88 and how it was

7:40 Molly talks about how she had the honors of recording Charlie Brotman during the inaugural parade that will be on TV announcing the president and Marcus will edit

10:05 Laura shares a little background of what it is that she does at Shure Microphones and its history

11:00 Laura also shares her thoughts on when she thinks Shure made its first microphone

13:17 Laura talks about the SM58 and when Shure came out with this microphone and when it was first made

14:27 Laura and Marcus talk about the SM57 and the difference it has from the SM58

17:30 Adam talks about podcast outfitters and how back in the days they used to love the SM58

18:29 Laura talks about the single channel interface that takes an analog mike and makes it digital called MVI, its features, advantages and disadvantages

20:19 Adam and Laura talk about the MV7 microphone, its features, how to us it and the advantages of using it

22:09 Laura, Adam and Marcus explains why some people use manual mode in microphones than the auto mode

26:02Laura also talks about the development arc of the MV7 to help people understand why this was purposely build for podcasting

27:42 Laura explains if they took technology from another microphone as far as the capsule goes and tweaked it to make MV7

28:32 Laura talks about MV7 being a USB and XLR microphone and being the first one Shure has made that has that

31:36 Laura shares the advice she would give a person that’s torn in between an MV7 microphone and an SM7B microphone

34:05 Molly also shares her thoughts on what she thinks about the MV7 and the SM7B microphones

36:09 Marcus also shares his thoughts on what he thinks about the MV7 and the SM7B microphones

38:40 Laura and Marcus experiment the difference in sounding between the MV7 and the SM7B microphones

42:19 Marcus and Laura talk about the KSM8, its features and if he’d recommend it to someone

48:00 Molly talks about her equipments and how she’s a trend setter for many as they have bought exactly the same equipments she uses especially the MV7 microphone

49:42 Adam talks about the importance of doing a research so as to get the right equipment you want and the advantages of having a MV7

52:09 Marcus talks about Shure as a brand and how loyal they have been to him and all his clients and how he’d recommend them to someone

53:05 Laura talks about the wireless equipment that Shure has come up with to satisfy their customer’s needs

54:30 Adam talks about how the MV7 microphone took him by surprise and being the best microphone he’d recommend a podcaster to use

57:00 Laura explain how they produce their microphones, and if it’s every year that they put out a microphone

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The Grateful Dead was an American rock band formed in 1965 in Palo Alto, California. The band is known for its eclectic style, which fused elements of rock, folk, country, jazz, bluegrass, blues, gospel and psychedelic rock.

Quotes Mentioned:
“Shure brand has been around since 1925.”
“When MV7 came out, it was a big deal.”
“It’s easy to capture audio; it’s difficult to capture good audio, except if you’re using an MV7.”
“MV7 is meant to make life easier.”
“Auto mode does all the work for you.”
“MV7 is a sweet spot of microphones that solved the need of many but could also grow with you.”
“Microphones are just like any other instrument.”
“If it’s your first microphone, MV7 is going to be awesome.”
“People don’t do too much research.”
“It starts with the quality of the product.”
“MV7 is probably the first one I’ve seen in ten years that I’m excited to say you have to see this thing.”
“MV7 is a game changer in the world of podcasting.”
“Shure don’t put out microphones just to put out microphones.”

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