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  • As an entrepreneur, problem solver, and questioner of authority, I’ve spent 20+ years working with governments, institutions and communities to build the programs and resources that help small business owners thrive. I’m also an author and the single parent of the coolest teenager on the planet.

    I have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, helping them reach their personal and business goals. I have also partnered with SXSW, Canadian Music Week, the DC Government, Gener8tor, UNCG, Georgetown University, and others to provide opportunities for entrepreneurs to excel.

    I believe work-life balance is a lie. And work with my clients to build wealth and independence by earning a full-time income from a part-time business so they don’t have to sacrifice their lives to the alter of their work.

    I believe tacos are their own food group, wine is best when it’s Spanish and shared, and that the cost of inaction is higher than the coast of action. So what action are you taking now to follow your dreams?

    List 3-5 interview topics you are always prepared to cover. : The Power of Knowing What You Want
    Three Keys to Starting a Successful Side Business
    How to Rethink your Narrative and Own your Story
    The Work/Life Balance Lie


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Maryann is located in USA,Washington DC and is available Monday to Friday 8am to 3pm EST