Looking Into the Future of Podcasting

?In this episode, Molly, Adam, and Marcus discuss what will be happening in the year 2022. They share individually what they think will happen in the podcasting industry.

?They also discuss how the quality of the podcast shows affects people on how they portray a person when listening to bad quality podcasts versus high quality shows.

?The host also discusses microphones. They give insights and examples what is a good microphone and not. They also share stories about people using mediocre microphones versus those who use high quality microphones.

?Tune in now in this episode if you like some insight about the future of the podcasting industry in the year 2022, or you want to know more about microphones as you are interested in scaling and growing your podcast shows.

?Key Takeaways in the Episode:

?Predictions and Possibilities that will occur on the podcasting industry for 2022.
?How to Stepping up your podcast in the year 2022.
?Things We should know about microphones for better podcast shows in 2022.

?Key Quotes in the Episode:
“So hopefully you’ll see a rise in people actually caring about product quality and the value that it provides and the separation between the people that are just getting into it and are not invested in the full medium of podcasting. And those that are into it” – Adam
“that the microphone and camera is the new suit for sure” – Marcus

“And I think people, businesses and other people, some people have success with the podcast but thought it was going to be fleeting. And now they’re realizing no podcasts have been here and they’re definitely not going anywhere and just all the benefits of being able to go remote. I mean, from from a business perspective, we have global clients” – Molly

?People Mentioned in the Episode:
?Arielle Nissenblatte – Author at Squadcast.fm
?Joe Rogan – American Podcaster, UFC color commentator
?Alex Hormozi – author of the book “100 million dollar offer”

?Tools and Accessories Mentioned in the Episode:

✔️Logitech H390
✔️Audix USB 12
✔️Blue Yeti Microphone
✔️Audio Technica 2040
✔️Shure SM7B
✔️Shure MV7
✔️V7 Microphone

?Our Podcast Host for this Episode:
Podcast Pro: Molly Ruland
?️ What she does: Molly is the founder and CEO of Heartcast Media, a full-service podcast production company and content creation lab based in Washington, D.C.
? Where to find her: LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram

Podcast Pro: Marcus dePaula
?️ What he does: An audio engineer, podcast producer and website designer, Marcus runs Me Only Louder, a podcast production company in Franklin, Tenn.
? Where to find him: LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram

Podcast Pro: Adam Levin
?️ What he does: Adam is the manager of Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center and is the founder of Podcast Outfitters, which specializes in podcast equipment.
? Where to find him: LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram

What the Hosts think will happen in the Year 2022 in podcasting, Advertising and Content Marketing.

Molly predicts that for the year 2022, podcasting will continue to rise and increase in numbers just like the pandemic levels that we experienced.

Marcus predicts that there will be a rise of content that teaches or trains podcasters to be better and do quality work for their podcasting.

Adam said that during 2020, the start of the pandemic. Podcasting wasn’t a thing until good microphones showed up on the market. Adam also added that 2021 was the start of people going back outside buying tools that will improve their podcast shows.

Podcasting from its infancy years and its impact to people, businesses and community globally.

Molly discusses the impacts of Podcasting to businesses from the past years and how podcasting is growing into a global industry.

Marcus and Adam also discuss their experiences with multi-streaming, both positive and negative.

Joe Rogan what will he do in podcasting industry for the year 2022

The host also discusses the presence of Joe Rogan on Spotify and its influence in the podcasting industry.

The host also talks about the contracts and ad fees of Joe Rogan and how very influential he is in the industry.

How does the quality of your podcasting influence how people see you vs what you tell them?

Marcus also mentions that the quality of the microphone has a significant impact on the quality of the podcasts and recommends us to invest in better microphones.

Microphones, Microphones, Microphones!
The hosts are talking about microphones, their brand, the qualities, and the price in the market.

Adam exhibits the Audix USB 12 microphone he had and describes the quality of the microphone as well as the market pricing.

Marcus also shares what Microphone he is using and how terrible the quality of the mic is.

The host also recommended some good and better microphones out there in the market.

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