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Founder of ProVention Plus

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Kelly Feldkamp is the Founder of ProVention Plus, an onsite injury prevention company that is changing the way companies take care of their manual labor or craft employees. Kelly has a Master’s Degree in Exercise and Wellness and is the creator of the Move Better Program used by thousands of Jobsite Athletes over the last 20 years. Kelly has a passion for helping our Jobsite Athletes reduce the discomfort that many believe is an unfortunate but necessary part of the profession.

Kelly is Always Ready To Answer these questions

  1. Jobsite athlete
    1. Tell me about what you mean by Jobsite athlete. Does that mean they are like or unlike the athletes we watch play sports?
  2. Craft/company culture
    1. How do you think culture is shifting or has shifted among the craft / manual labor workforce since you started this business 20 years ago and what are you guys doing to encourage this shift?
  3. Preventing STI’s
    1. How are you preventing STI’s and how does preventing them that impact the companies you work with?
  4. Women owned / female team of practitioners
    1. Construction sites are filled with 95% guys. How is it being a female out there? Leading an all female team? And why is it important to you to have an all female workforce?
  5. If you had a magic wand and could change 1 thing about how your clients think about caring for their craft team (jobsite athletes), what would that one thing be?


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Kelly is located in the US and she is available Wed & thurs from 9:00AM-2:00pm CST