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Kelly Feldkamp is the Founder of ProVention Plus, an onsite injury prevention company that is changing the way companies take care of their manual labor or craft employees. Kelly has a Master’s Degree in Exercise and Wellness and is the creator of the Move Better Program used by thousands of Jobsite Athletes over the last 20 years. Kelly has a passion for helping our Jobsite Athletes reduce the discomfort that many believe is an unfortunate but necessary part of the profession.

Kelly is Always Ready To Answer these questions

What/Who is the Jobsite Athlete

What are soft tissue injuries?

How do soft tissue injuries occur?

How can we best approach injury prevention (as an employer and as a Jobsite Athlete)?

What are simple/safe ways to increase physical activity?

What are the best ways to reduce muscle soreness?


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Kelly is located in the US and she is available Wed & thurs from 9:00AM-2:00pm CST