John Krajewski

Founder/CEO of Strange Loop Games

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John Krajewski is Founder and CEO of Strange Loop Games, designer of the online virtual world Eco, currently on Steam. John has been running Strange Loop for 14 years and with Eco is designing a suite of worlds where “Players are Citizens”, connected within a metaverse that is beneficial and meaningful to players. Prior to Strange Loop he worked in video game industry at EA and Midway Games. He is an avid board gamer, reader, and life-long learner.

I am Always Ready To Answer these questions

What is the metaverse? What should it be?
What do you see as the benefits and risks of a metaverse?
How can games be useful to players lives?
What does it mean for players to also be citizens?
What makes a metaverse beneficial?
Why are games so powerful for education connection?
Where do you see games and virtual worlds going in the future?
How are games of different genres going to connect to each other?
What are the different ways a metaverse can come into being?


Video games
Virtual Worlds
Educational Games
Software Development
Game Design
Systems Based Design
Virtual Societies

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John is located in Los Angeles and is available Monday to Friday 9am to 11pm PST