Joe Vs The Covid Volcano

The right to freedom of expression is a basic human right. All other human rights are reinforced, allowing society to thrive and progress. The freedom to openly express ourselves and voice our minds is critical for societal transformation.But where do we draw the line if the thing we wish to say spreads disinformation and occasionally comes from those with influence? In this episode, Molly, Marcus and Adam discuss the recent issue of Joe Rogan and Neil Young on Spotify and what it means on freedom of expression, Obligations of Major Companies in handling information and moral responsibilities on true information.

?Key Takeaways
✨Joe Rogan and Neil Young on Spotify Issue
✨Spotify Obligations as a medium of Good Information
✨Moral Responsibilities of Content Creators and Podcasting Platforms
✨Free Speech and Censorship on Podcasting

?Key Quotes in the Episode:

?“There should be guidelines on what true information and what misinformation is” – Molly

?“We will disagree with our partners at some time, but identifying our beliefs and what is essential to us should be a requirement when doing podcasts, just as large corporations have values and mission statements.” – Marcus

?“At its core, it’s like the whole. That is the problem with the way we consume information and the way people listen to soundbites instead of listening to people. Yes, it’s profundity.” – Adam

?People Mentioned in the Episode

✔️Neil Young
✔️Joe Rogan
✔️R Kelly
✔️Alex Jones
✔️Howard Stern
✔️Bernie Brown

?Terms Mentioned in the Episode

✔️1st Amendment – stipulates that Congress may not pass any legislation restricting or banning the free exercise of religion. It safeguards the freedoms of expression, the press, and assembly, as well as the right to petition the government for redress of grievances.

✔️Section 230 –  provides immunity for website platforms with respect to third-party content.

✔️PedalTrain – Pedaltrain is the premier innovation in guitar effects pedalboards.

?Guests in This Episode:

?️Podcast Pro: Molly Ruland
What she does: Molly is the founder and CEO of Heartcast Media, a full-service podcast production company and content creation lab based in Washington, D.C.

?️Podcast Pro: Marcus dePaula
What he does: An audio engineer, podcast producer and website designer, Marcus runs Me Only Louder, a podcast production company in Franklin, Tenn.

?️Podcast Pro: Adam Levin
What he does: Adam is the manager of Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center and is the founder of Podcast Outfitters, which specializes in podcast equipment.

?Time Stamps
⏲️[00:00] Pre-Introduction
⏲️[06:00] Introduction
⏲️[07:47] Spotify Responsibility as a medium for Information
⏲️[26:20] Free Speech
⏲️[30:01] Influencers impact to their audiences
⏲️[32:27] Moral Responsibilities of Major Companies
⏲️[52:44] Conclusion


?“I always knew he was racist. India is a total badass!”
Omid Scobie on Twitter
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✔️The Joe Rogan controversy is what happens when you put podcasts behind a wall

Recorded on Riverside.
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