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Molly had an epiphany and she’s comin in hot this week to tell you why you need to kick the imposter syndrome, especially all the powerful and creative women in the industry. We’re talking all things women in the industry including how to grow their businesses and the factors they should focus on in doing so, as well as the importance of valuing yourself and not letting anybody to take advantage of you. We wrap the show up with Marcus explaining his new course and the recommendations of what he should and shouldn’t do from Adam and Molly.

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She Podcast believe women have a unique challenge in getting their voices to be heard. Women lead busy, full lives and often don’t put themselves first. Some of them have charity and philanthropy they want to support but don’t think they have the technical knowledge to podcast. Some of them feel hesitant about putting themselves into a public space. And all of them, just like all human beings, wonder if they’re good enough to have their own show.

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“Imposter syndrome doesn’t exist because it assumes that there’s a problem with the person and not the environment.”
“When you see people who look like you, then you don’t ever feel like that’s not possible.”
“Imposter syndrome is there’s nothing wrong with you, it’s the environment.”
“Stop undervaluing yourself, stop thinking that you have to do stuff for free.”
“Stop thinking that there’s something wrong with you or you have imposter syndrome.”
“Channel like a mediocre white man and just pretend that anything is possible for you.”
“Stop telling people you’re new, just do a good job.”
“The environment is broken, not the person.”
“Every single human being has something to bring to the table.”
“In any business you have to be is the ultimate salesperson.”
“The most humiliating things in life is having to ask for money that’s owed to you.”
“Talking about money should not be awkward.”
“If you hate sales, you shouldn’t own a business.”
“The more expensive it is, the more value it is.”
“You got to know your audience.”

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