Early Risers, Proper AD’s, and Apple with Jeff Sanders

We’re joined by Jeff Sanders, host and creator of “The 5 AM Miracle Podcast” to talk all things growth in the podcast industry, or as Adams called, from “zero to hero”. the Apple podcast issues and losing his show on the platform, and how podcasting helps his business in various ways. We’re talking ad reads, and if organic or pre recorded work best, how to get ads on your show, and choosing the right ones to fit your brand.

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Highlights with timestamps:
0:00 Intro
1:43 Jeff talks about his podcast called The 5 AM Miracle, what he discusses on the show and if he does solo podcasts on the show apart from interviewing his guests
2:32 Jeff also talks about how long he has been podcasting, the show he started with, and how it has been for him
3:05 Jeff talks about the difference there has been between his first show and his second show and which show he liked doing more
4:05: Jeff talks about the type of microphone he was using when he started podcasting and how it was and if he’d recommend it to someone
5:02 Marcus talks about the new microphone from Behringer that was recently launched and if it’s a good microphone
6:02 Jeff talks about the type of microphone he upgraded to after giving away his Behringer microphone and why and the software he used
8:39 Jeff talks about the book that he wrote and what gave him the idea to write the book
10:15 Jeff talks about what he mainly does as a business and if podcasting had any contribution to that
13:10 Jeff, Marcus, and Molly talk about the fun fact of being an entrepreneur and what it takes to be one
15:12 Jeff talks about what he would tell someone out there who is wanting to start his or her own podcast
18:21 Jeff talks about the world of personal development and what turned him to be in that world at a very young age
22:58 Jeff talks about what he is doing that is different from other podcasters that helps him keep on rolling and getting new listeners too
24:16 Jeff also talks about when the moment occurred for him that he got to keep on producing content and it is working for him
25:04 Jeff talks about when he started getting sponsors after he started doing his podcast
25:46 Jeff also talks about advertising on his shows and if he records the adverts himself and if they are related to his content
26:56 Jeff talks about the steps you follow when you want to advertise on a podcast show and his advice to people
30:08 Jeff talks about the subscription service that Apple launched leading to some shows missing and him being a victim of this
32:49 Jeff explains if he had any issues with his sponsors after his shows went missing on the Apple platform
34:07 Jeff, Molly, and Marcus talk about why they think only the big players in the podcasting world were hit by the Apple saga and not the young ones coming up
35:58 Jeff talks about what hosting platform he used when he was starting out in the world of podcasting
38:22 Adam and Jeff talk about Apple being the monopoly in the podcasting world and not even caring about it
41:11 Jeff talks about Spotify and what he feels about the platform and if he’d compare it to Apple
43:17 Jeff talks about other things in terms of hosting platforms and software that he uses when podcasting to make it work
46:11 Jeff talks about selling adverts in the most downloaded episode even if it is not the most recent one
49:21Jeff, Adam, Molly, and Marcus share their thoughts on the Apple saga and not being prepared for such situations that happened
53:59 Jeff talks about people who commented on his new gear and if he sounds good
57:07 Jeff talks about how he does his podcasts and if he ever takes breaks and does it in seasons

Equipment Mentioned:
Marcus’s Microphone: http://heartcast.biz/3gLTjyG
Molly’s Set-Up: http://heartcast.biz/38tHHO0
Jeff’s equipment list: https://www.jeffsanders.com/podcast/tools/
Behringer BX2020: https://www.behringer.com/product.html?modelCode=P0EVY
Mackie Mixers: https://heartcast.biz/35MAF4N
Heil PR40: https://heartcast.biz/3gHc4Vl
Sennheiser Microphones: https://heartcast.biz/3gTEXNf

Books Mentioned: https://www.jeffsanders.com/the-5-am-miracle-book/
John Maxwell’s books: https://www.johnmaxwell.com/
Tim Ferriss Books

Shows Mentioned: https://www.jeffsanders.com/podcast/
Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company that specializes in consumer electronics, computer software, and online services. Apple is the world’s largest technology company by revenue and, since January 2021, the world’s most valuable company.

Adobe Audition is a digital audio workstation developed by Adobe Inc. featuring both a multitrack, non-destructive mix/edit environment and a destructive-approach waveform editing view.

The Vow, a NXIVM documentary series following a number of people deeply involved in the self-improvement group NXIVM over the course of several years. The Vow is a story of indoctrination and the step-by-step journey of NXIVM members defecting and outing Keith Reniere.

The Art of Manliness Podcast is a podcast that aims to help men become better men. Through in-depth interviews with authors and thinkers, host Brett McKay finds insights on how men can better understand their culture, their lives, and themselves, and recapture the ancient and classical ideal of manliness, one of arete and eudaimonia: excellence and flourishing.






Spotify is a Swedish audio streaming and media services provider founded in 2006 by Daniel Ek. It is one of the world’s largest music streaming service providers, with over 356 million monthly active users, including 158 million paying subscribers, as of March 2021.

Megaphone provides podcast hosting technology for publishers and audience targeting, data, and measurement for brand advertisers.



Quotes Mentioned:
“It’s a lot of work to make your own content and to map out a show that’s efficient and that’s helpful and full of good advice.”
“Being an entrepreneur is just making mistakes until someone thinks you’re a genius.”
“Ratings and rankings are bullshit if you’re impacting people and it’s getting the job done.”

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