Who is Heartcast Media



We love to listen to them and more importantly, we love to produce them. Heartcast Media is a dedicated full service studio in Washington, D.C. that works with clients to create high quality, authentic podcast content that inspires, educates and connects. We specialize in working with entrepreneurs, visionaries, and businesses of all sizes who have an impactful point-of-view. Our dedicated studio at Mindspace is open to individuals and organizations across the region. Created by D.C. entrepreneur Molly Ruland, Heartcast Media is a sister-company to One Love Massive, the innovative D.C-based company dedicated to creating positive art and music experiences for the community.

Woman-owned, Heartcast Media is the vision of Molly Ruland who is dedicated to helping individuals and organizations bring their authentic, original content to life through podcasts. A sister-company to One Love Massive, Heartcast Media clients range from Go-go bands to conservative political commentators.

Designed as an affordable, high quality option for clients of all sizes, the Heartcast Media Studio at Mindspace is in the heart of K Street in the Washington Post Building on Franklin Square.

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Molly Ruland

Heartcast Media Founder

Music and determination fuel Molly’s perspective on life. She is an innovative problem-solver with an instinct for fostering artists, musicians, and makers to grow and share their talent. As founder and CEO of One Love Massive, she created a talent collective and music community that has hosted weekly events ranging from festivals and block parties, to online concerts and collaborations with the Washington, D.C. city government music events program since 2001.

For Molly, music transcends all cultures and she is dedicated to One Love Massive continuing to be a leader of communal experiences for as many people as possible in D.C. and beyond. Heartcast Media was created when Molly recognized the need to support entrepreneurs and organizations in their efforts to develop and share inspiring and heartfelt content.

She has a deep understanding of the intersection of creativity and business, having previously worked in real estate finance for 13 years and advanced large-scale projects for national firms. Molly blends her business acumen with her passion for music and storytelling through Heartcast Media. From reggae and Go-go bands to political commentators and tech innovators, she helps clients find their voice in the podcast arena.

Having the opportunity to help others tell their stories is a conscious choice for Molly. At 15 months old doctors told her parents she wouldn’t live more than 20 years or grow beyond three feet high. She’s overcome every limitation set for her and through her entrepreneurial ventures enthusiastically gives back to the world that gave her another chance.

Molly’s motto is “Life doesn’t have to be easy to be beautiful.” Deeply driven by the love for her city and everyone in it, Molly hopes to create a sustainable, enjoyable and peaceful community where all races, genders, and ages are welcomed and appreciated. She is a native of the Washington, D.C. region and lifelong optimist.