The Works : Complete Podcast Set Up

We Create Everything You Need To Launch Your Podcast

About The Works

We will:

  • Set up and pay for the first year of hosting.
  • Get your podcast approved on all the platforms.
  • Complete branding package, including logo.
  • Create episode & show note template.
  • Create a custom Trello board.
  • Record & edit your pilot episode.
Turnaround Time : 10 Business Days

How Does This Work?

Send Us Everything

Send us your color codes and preferred fonts so we can make your podcast exactly how you want it.

Check for Updates

We set up your podcast, create branding, write copy and create a template for your show notes

Ready for the World!

Set yourself up with the success with all your branding and distribution approvals.

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Contact Information

We are located in the heart of Washington DC in Dupont Circle. We are proudly located in the Brewmaster’s Castle and we are a part of the creative community there. We are a block from the metro and a block south of the circle. We are always happy to talk about podcasting and content goals, lets talk about yours.

Address: 1307 New Hampshire Ave NW
Brewmaster’s Offices, 3rd Floor
Washington, DC, 20036
United States

Phone: 1-833-PODLINE

Email: info@heartcastmedia.com