RSS Feed & Distribution

We will set up & pay for your RSS feed for the first year and get your podcast approved on iTunes, Spotify and the most important platforms. This also includes the recording and editing of your pilot episode. 

How Does This Work?

Record A Pilot Episode

The pilot episode is the introduction of your podcast for new listeners. We will also use this to get your podcast approved for distribution. 

Check for Updates

We create your RSS Feed and get approvals within 14 days. iTunes can take a little longer but the rest we guarantee to be fast!

Full Steam Ahead!

Now that you are approved on all the platforms you can start launching episodes. Drop them in the RSS feed and boom, worldwide distro!

What is an RSS feed? Great Question.

Your RSS feed is the very core of how your podcast will be distributed. You only need one and that feed will be used to send your content to all the aggregators like iTunes & Spotify.

This can be a little overwhelming your first time out so we will handle all of that for you so you can focus on the content. 

Oh, and we will pay for the first year. Not too shabby eh?

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