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UCLA graduate Natasha Trenev and Yordan Trenev founded Natren Inc. in 1982 with the goal of developing the first revolutionary method of producing an effective and scientifically validated single strain bacteria product. Her efforts led to the establishment of the entire probiotics category in North America, Australia, England, Holland and Belgium. She is also the Founder and Chairwoman of The Global Institute of Probiotics, dedicated to the technological advancement of probiotic usage.

For more than 40 years, Ms. Trenev, who is known as the Mother of Probiotics, has been leading the scientific community in the acquisition of knowledge about probiotics. She authored the Probiotic Standards adopted by the National Nutritional Foods Association (now National Product Association), which were later read into the Congressional Record. A member of the American society of Microbiology, American Association for the Advancement of Science, Institute of Food Technologists, Anaerobe Society of the Americas and American Dairy Science Association, Ms. Trenev is recognized as an educator, research scientist, author and television and radio personality as well as an authority on probiotics.

NAtasha is Always Ready To Answer these questions

You are often called “the Mother of Probiotic” When did your research into probiotics get its start?

Why aren’t we getting better?

Why aren’t people getting results?

Why do we have so much chronic disease in the world?

How can probiotics help with long Covid symptoms?

Tell us about these organisms (our microbiota) and how these organisms affect our general health.

What aspects of our emotional state do these organisms influence?

How does the quantity an dtype of micro-organisms living in our digestive tract influence our quality of life?

What strains of bacteria have been shown to favorably influence mood and emotional health?

Can eating yogurt affect our brain function?

Why is Autism getting worse?

What roles do probiotics play in human health?


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