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Molly Ruland is the CEO & Founder of Heartcast Media, a Digital Content Agency focused on personal branding for Founders, Brands & Attorneys. Molly specializes in producing high quality branded video content for businesses that want to generate revenue and create strategic relationships through content marketing. Molly is a frequent speaker about the business of podcasting, business development & content creation. She believes that “listening is the revolution” and it is evident in the work she has produced over the last 23 years.

I am Always Ready To Answer these questions

How can a podcast generate revenue in any business?
Why content marketing is preferred in a recession.
How to create a months worth of search optimized video content in an hour.
How to use a podcast as a business development tool.
How to create a content marketing strategy that makes sense for any business and budget.
How to use AI to level up your content.
How to hire the right team for content creation. 


Business Development
Content Marketing Expert
Content Marketing
Podcast Guesting
Content Creation

Video & Sound Quality

Molly uses an Opal webcam and Shure Mv7 on every podcast appearance. 

Noteworthy Appearances


molly is located in costa rica and is available for recordings during normal business hours cst