The Molly Method


Molly Ruland has been in the multimedia business for 20 years. She brings passion and experience to the table and a clear method on how to get your podcast produced, distributed, and monetized.

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Corporate training

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We will cover everything you need to do before you record, including setting up all of your accounts and the RSS feed.

Copy & Branding

Learn how to write excellent copy and branding to ensure your podcast is optimized for SEO and visibility.


Everything you need to know about recording your podcast from your living room.

Marketing & Monetization

Learn how to market your podcast for maximum visibility in order to attract sponsors and leverage your content.

Take The Online Course


If you need something to do this weekend, take Heartcast Media's class on how to start a podcast. Molly Ruland teaches the class and she is very knowledgeable about the podcast industry.
Clay Hollencamp
Thanks again for the insightful class about podcasting. Very helpful, chock full of info, & humor. I love how you keep it real.

Sage Raindancer
From my first conversation with Molly, she made me believe that not only could I start my own podcast, I could grow it, and build an engaged community far more than I imagined. She was right. Her online course and encouraging advice were just what I needed to give me the information I needed to go from complete novice to official podcaster.

Molly is great. My brother and I attended one of her workshops in November where she taught us how to setup a podcast business. In January we wrapped our first season and are now in development for our second. She took something so complex, abstract, and foreign to us and broke it down into manageable tasks. If you're going to learn from anyone, it should be Molly.

Start a Podcast Today, From Home

Everything you need to set up, create, distribute, market and monetize your podcast from your living room.