Professional woman with short gray hair and glasses, wearing a black blazer and blue top with lace, smiling despite an onsite injury in an office setting.

Katie Nelson

Founder and CEO of Sales UpRising

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Katie Nelson, Founder and CEO of Sales UpRising, has built her business around this message: Cashflow Is Oxygen. She is committed to bringing the fun back into sales and helping her clients grow their small businesses into six-figure-plus Big League Players. Katie is a speaker, consultant, and business coach with a total 25 years of sales expertise and $150 million sold in products and services. She believes that solopreneurs and microbusinesses can harness their profit-making potential to maximize their revenue. Known as “The Sales Catalyst,” Katie has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs to transform their companies from ideas to thriving businesses. She is adamant that any entrepreneur can sell his or her knowledge, gifts, and passions to the world, because sales key to a successful business and a skill available to everyone.

Katie is Always Ready To Answer these questions

What do you consider the best way to sell your services?

Why aren’t you afraid of selling?

How can you make more doing less?

What is the #1 key to getting sales right early?

Shouldn’t we go after every piece of business we can?

Why is a target of niche so important?

How do people get Marketing and Sales wrong?




Professional headshot of a smiling woman with shoulder-length gray hair and blue glasses, wearing a black blazer and blue top, recovering from an onsite injury.
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Katie is located in the US and she is available: Thursdays - but will make herself avail