Julianna Lanni

Vice President, AI Research & Development at Proscia

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Julianna Ianni is VP of AI Research and Development at Proscia. She leads a team of engineers and scientists developing AI systems to help laboratories and research organizations improve confidence and efficiency using digital pathology. Prior to her work at Proscia, Julianna earned her Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University in Biomedical Engineering, developing methods that enable faster and safer MRI, from fast image reconstruction techniques to predicting patient-tailored RF shim parameters for high field scanners.

Julianna is Always Ready To Answer these questions

How is AI transforming cancer diagnosis today?

What are the biggest opportunities for innovation in pathology and AI that you see?

What are some of the biggest challenges in developing AI for pathology?

What are some of the most interesting things you’re working on at Proscia?

How do you ensure the quality of the models that you develop?

What advice can you give to those that are developing their own AI systems?

What advice do you have for those looking to adopt new AI solutions in digital pathology?




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Julianna uses a Shure Mv7 and earbuds on every podcast appearance to ensure the quality of the audio


Julianna is located in the US and she is available: Normal business hours - Eastern time zone