How to Promote Your Business in 2019… According to Gary V

Gary V was featured in late 2018 as a keynote speaker in London where he broke down exactly what you need to do to build and brand and monetize your content. He said a few things that really intrigued me, including leading with telling everyone flat out to run Facebook and Instagram ads. He really stresses that there is no better platform to get the attention your business or brand is seeking than advertising on those platforms. He explains every day its getting more and more expensive to advertise on those platforms because more and more businesses and brands are using it and he warns strongly that bigger businesses are coming and the opportunities will become even more expensive. He makes very valid points about how much technology is intertwined in our lives and that everything we know now feel incredibly simple in the future generations. Gary made it very clear that “Unless you are producing written, audio, and video content across 7-10 apps you are fundamentally irrelevant in society”.
“The quickest gateway is to get what you want in your life is to produce content on 10 websites; videos, pictures and written words across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Podcast, your website, email marketing and the next best platform”.
Look, I get it…this sounds like a lot of work and very time consuming and frankly, it is. If you don’t have a clear vision and set of goals for yourself and your brand this will seem like more than anyone can handle. However, if you have a clear list of services or goals this concept is an actual roadmap. We live in a society that lives off their phones, now more than ever you have to adapt into the lives of your audience versus paying for time on the big screen. Creating your own content is the the foundation for your pillar of content. Having a video podcast to elevate your brand is a great place to start. By creating this foundation you can then break off segments of your entire podcast into smaller content pieces that you can push out on all your platforms. You can create separate playlists in your YouTube channel, you can create specific videos for Instagram, you can craft custom videos and posts just for your Twitter fans, etc. The key is to create different content for your different platforms. How you speak to your audience on LinkedIn should not the the same as your presentation to your Twitter fans. Nobody wants to see you flood all the channels at the same time with the same content, Hootsuite ain’t foolin’ anybody. You have to put work into how you craft your messaging to maximize the attention you bring to your business or brand. I think the most important part of this conversation is the monetization. You cannot monetize content you don’t own. Don’t wait to be on someone else’s platform, create your own. Having your own podcast creates opportunities for you to interview potential clients and it creates industry awareness of your knowledge and experience. Now, back to Gary… he is really insisting that spending money on Facebook and Instagram is the best method to market your brand and that you shouldn’t hire some 20 year old to do it. He insists that you need to spend ten hours and figure that shit out. Ugh. Sounds like a nightmare and it probably is, in some sense, but I think he is right. The more time I spend behind the wheel in my own business it absolutely translates into better products and a better customer experience. I get that Gary isn’t for everyone but so much of what he says rings true, like him or not. The takeaway is creating your own content in 2019 and using the platforms you have to reach a larger audience. We live in a time where people are happy with well produced content right next to lower quality productions, however there is a limit. You wont build a brand off of your selfie phone videos but it can certainly be a part of what you offer to your fans in addition to the higher quality content. How you present yourself will send a message to your audience, do you want them to see you as “the guy who streams live from his living room” or do you want to be an industry expert? How you portray your brand is how it will be seen and treated. Engage with your audience, truly. Talk to your audience, respond personally to the comments and the questions it will solidify your plan in their universe as the expert you want to be paid to be.

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