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Co-Founder and CTO of Proscia


Coleman is a Co-Founder and CTO of Proscia, a pioneering company specializing in software and AI solutions for the emerging field of digital pathology. With a strong focus on helping labs to advance the 150-year-old standard of care. Proscia has gained prominence as a market leader. Their impressive clientele includes major diagnostic laboratories and 14 out of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies. To support their growth and innovation, Proscia has successfully raised $75M in funding.

In his pivotal role as CTO, Coleman has demonstrated exceptional leadership in building and expanding a proficient team. Under his guidance, Proscia has achieved significant milestones in customer adoption, system interoperability, and scientific validation. Coleman’s contributions have been instrumental in solidifying Proscia’s position as a trailblazer in the digital pathology market.

Before venturing into the realm of digital pathology, Coleman ventured into the early days of the App Store, where he independently developed an iOS application that resonated with nearly a million unique users. This experience further showcased his expertise and innovation in the field of technology. Coleman holds a degree in Computer Science from the esteemed University of Pittsburgh, which has provided him with a strong foundation for his contributions to the digital pathology industry, particularly in the intersection of AI, healthcare interoperability, and real-world data.

Coleman is Always Ready To Answer these questions

How is digital pathology helping to improve outcomes for cancer patients?

What exactly is a software platform?

What lessons have you learned when it comes to building a scalable software platform?

Why does scalability matter?

What best practices can you share when it comes to achieving interoperability in healthcare?

What should someone look for in an interoperable software platform?


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A man with red hair smiling in an office, free from any onsite injury.

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