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Dynamically Inserted Clever Podcast Title Goes Here with Bryan Barletta


Join Molly, Marcus & Adam for a conversation about dynamic advertising insertion with Bryan Barletta of Sounds Profitable. We dig into all things ad revenue for podcasters and why DAI might just be the future of independent podcasters. So much to unpack here, let’s dig right in.

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0:00 Intro of Dynamically Inserted Clever Podcast Title Goes Here

1:34 Bryan shares a little background of the origin story from where he was to writing Sounds Profitable

6:23 Bryan explains why podcasters need to understand their niche, importance of having good content and why there’s always room for podcasters to be great

8:08 Bryan and Molly talk about how translating your podcast into different languages. To reach different people in the world would be a game changer

12:20 Bryan explains what dynamic ad insertion is and how you can use and the benefits it has

14:16 Bryan also talks about the difference between baked in ads and dynamic inserted ads

15:49 Marcus and Bryan talk about how Libsyn and other platforms take the dynamic ad insertion and if they are different

19:49 Bryan explains how businesses like Podcast Outfitters get their ads dynamically inserted if they created one. And how advertisers get into that fold or how the ads get brokered

22:35 Bryan talks about VAST Tags, what they are, what they do and the platforms that supports VAST Tags

27:05 Bryan talks about why it’s a good idea not to really rely on being able to track the individual user and really explore more about the content side in advertising

47:01 Adam and Bryan talk about how to connect the businesses and the small podcasts that might not be so business savvy. To make that connection so that they can monetize

1:03:02 Bryan speaks of the price of the PreSonus microphone that he is using, its specs and how it comes in handy to podcasters

1:05:35 Molly and Adam share their thoughts on audio over video and which is more important that the other

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