Gather around, Folks! It’s time to get around the campfire and take your business from barely lit sparks of potential, to a blazing success!Are you ready to revolutionize your business?

Today, we’ve got Zondra Evans she is the founder and executive producer of the award-winning Zondra TV Network. She’ll show you how her legendary streaming platform can take your company global and expose it to over 350 million awesome viewers – all for an affordable cost. Plus, ROKU Amazon Fire TV AppleTV Rewind Network ToniTV Comcast Cable regionally are on board offering unbeatable exposure solutions that will get you “Heard & Seen!”


“There’s no real return on investment with social media anymore but having a presence on these platforms is almost essential to maintain relevance in today’s digital age.” – Molly

“The goal is to expand globally and become a global mogul. Streaming services have helped me attract more international clients than ever before, from places like Australia and London, expanding my reach across the world.” – Zondra Evans

“You have to keep doing this thing! it’s important to make an effort to get into the digital game.”- Zondra Evans

Featured Guest

Zondra Evans
Twitter: @‌zondratv


00:00 Introduction
03:17 Zondra TV: Building a Home for Positive Programming
04:36 Monetizing Content and Securing Major Contracts with the Incubator Academy
06:21 Maximizing Podcast Potential with Over-the-Top Streaming Technology
13:10 Boosting Brand Awareness with Television Advertising
14:28 Discovering Opportunities for Small Businesses
15:23 Leveraging Social Media Content for Businesses and Life Coaches
18:45 Placing Commercials for Podcasters and Content Creators
22:28 Effective Content Marketing Strategies for Successful Streaming
26:05 Outro

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