Today we are in for a real treat on Camp Content! Our guest is the inspiring Jessica Kupferman, Founder and CEO of She Podcasts. Her incredible platform has taken off since its conception in 2013 as the Women Who Podcast group. Its mission is to help independent women plus non-binary folks turn their passions into profits; Her platform now boasts hundreds of inspired followers eager to learn valuable tips from her own story along with ways they can launch their very own podcasts. So come prepared: you’re about to embark on a thrilling journey full of treasured insights guaranteed to help you make your podcast dreams come true.You won’t want to miss out on the extraordinary experience we have in store for you so get ready! This one is going to be epic!


“We intentionally created a community of respectful and considerate individuals, who lead with the intention to help, rather than satisfy their own needs. Now, our community attracts such people and we feel fortunate for it.” – Jessica

“It’s not about giving people a voice, it’s about providing them with a platform to express themselves and share their knowledge. Everyone has a voice, but not everyone has a platform. Create a space for people to be themselves and enjoy the experience.” – Molly

Featured Guest

Jessica Kupferman
CEO and Co-Founder of She Podcasts


00:00 Introducing Jessica Kupferman
02:49 “She Podcast” and the amazing women behind it
08:00 How has having a podcast helped build the businesses
13:03 Planning a convention dedicated to women
23:48 The pros and cons of planning events
36:51 How to buy a ticket for She podcast events
37:27 Final takeaways

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