Welcome back to Camp Content! In today’s episode, join host Molly Ruland and a true marketing sage, Kari Franz, founder of Brigid Marketing Services, as they dive deep into the intricacies of content marketing in a global landscape. With over 35 years of experience at giants like Google Cloud and Adobe, Kari brings a wealth of knowledge on creating impactful, omnichannel campaigns and the role of content in spurring phenomenal growth.

Listen in as they tackle the challenges and strategies of reaching international audiences, aligning content with brand narratives, and the effectiveness of various content formats in different markets. They’ll also explore Kari’s unique approach to blending innovative ideas with analytical precision to craft marketing strategies that resonate across borders.

Gain valuable insights on scaling businesses internationally through strategic content marketing, navigating digital transformations, and the critical role of storytelling in building brand love.

Connect with Kari: Kari Franz | LinkedIn

Website: Marketing Consulting Services | Brigid Marketing Services

CTA: Schedule your complimentary marketing consultation at kari.franz@brigidmarketingservices.com

Episode Timestamps:

00:00 – Intro
04:37 – Corporate Expertise Fuels Business Growth
09:44 – Elevating SEO Standards
11:28 – Lessons from Cold Sales Outreach
15:35 – Website Optimization and SEO Insights
19:15 – AI’s Impact on Humanity
21:21 – Nurturing Humanity Amidst AI
25:33 – AI Adoption: Appropriateness and Productivity
26:55 – AI’s Ability to Discern Real from Fake
30:48 – Unveiling Personality and Enhancing Collaboration
36:11 – Fueling Growth with Effective Marketing
39:44 – Brilliance Makes Hiring Irresistible
41:33 – Investing in Tech-Savvy Experience
44:30 – Consistent SEO Vital for Top Rankings
47:40 – Local SEO Boosts Business
49:46 – Outro

Quote of the Episode:

“The transformative influence of AI holds the promise of rapid evolution, reshaping our world dramatically.” — Kari Franz

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