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Bobby Bedi

Founder and CEO of factiiv / credit beyond bureaus

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Bobby Bedi is a finance virtuoso with an extensive 20-year career as an entrepreneur, characterized by a profound specialization in credit facilitation and financial consultancy for small businesses. As the architect of factiiv, he’s established a cogent platform that revolutionizes the finance sector by championing credit solutions for the burgeoning peer-to-peer economy.

Under Bob’s leadership, factiiv has transformed into a pivotal force in credit reporting, ensuring over 300 clients have secured in excess of $750 million in credit. As the CEO of Factiiv, Bob envisions a disruption in the stagnant credit industry, propelling a decentralized credit reporting paradigm with the innovative FACTS token.

Distinguished from traditional credit bureaus such as Dun and Bradstreet, Experian, and Equifax, factiiv.io uniquely positions small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) at the helm of their own credit reporting. Bob’s platform provides unparalleled autonomy to SMBs, allowing them to directly monitor client credibility, report trades, and craft their own credit narratives — all at an accessible price point and without the gatekeeping of conventional credit reporting services.

Factiiv’s commitment to transparency and trust within the trade economy does more than offer credit reporting tools; it emboldens businesses to confidently engage in trade with mitigated risk. With Bob at the forefront, factiiv is not merely a credit bureau; it is a catalyst for confidence and a beacon of innovation in business finance.

In addition to his contributions to the finance and credit sectors, Bob is dedicated to personal growth, with a penchant for coaching and a passion for optimizing health and longevity. 

Bobby is Always Ready To Answer these questions

How to get credit for a new company?
How important is Credit?
What is business credit?
How can I build business Credit?
How do I fund my business?
When should I start a business?
What is credit reporting and how can I make it work for my business?
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What steps should entrepreneurs take to manage their business finance more effectively?
Can you share successful strategies for enhancing a company’s business credit profile?
How does decentralized credit reporting benefit small and medium businesses?
What makes SMB finance different from corporate finance?
What inspired you to become a credit platform founder?
As Factiiv’s CEO, what vision do you have for the future of credit reporting?
How does Factiiv ensure transparency in the trade economy?
In what ways does Factiiv disrupt traditional credit reporting practices?


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Bobby is located in the Canada and he is available:
Standard business hours (ET) Monday to Friday